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The lost world - Iguassu Falls (Big Water)
Deep in the heart of tropical South America, there remains a place that can still be called a Garden of Eden; one of the last remaining pieces of a pre-historic world. Located on the border of Brazil and Argentina, in the heart of two National Parks the place is still Sacred to the native Guarani Indians. There are no words to describe the feelings of those who come to this sacred land. Visitors can still hear the echoes of a distant past; the drums of the Guarani tribes venerating the natural beauty of this incredible place which they named Iguassu (Big Water).

Walk the trail in Iguassu Falls Brazil-
What to see during your walk
70% of Iguassu Falls is located on Argentinean territory, but most of the Falls face Brazil. For this reason it is advisable for the visitor to see the Falls from both the Brazilian and Argentinean sides. The natural border between Brazil and Argentina is the Iguassu River. During your visit to the Brazilian side, you will see a lot of the Falls, the quantity always depends on the current volume of water. At some times during the year one can see as many as 275 separate waterfalls cascading along the edges of 2,700 meters (1,6 miles) cliffs. The biggest attraction is "Devil´s Throat" where the largest volume of water passes with a strong and impressive roar that can be heard several miles away.

Iguassu Falls

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The trail in Iguassu Falls Brazil-
Walking the trail on the Brazilian side of Iguassu Falls is easy. There is a main trail, approximately 1,600 meters (one mile) long, which leads the visitor along the river with its many smaller falls to the base of the biggest waterfall where a catwalk extends out over the brink of the series of falls which make up Devil´s Throat. This side provides a good general view of the falls. After walking the catwalk, there is a tower with an elevator/lift (wheelchair access) to get people to the top of the falls from where one can have a spectacular panoramic view. At the top the trail leads to the end of the tour in front of the Iguassu River above the falls. Here, one can find a souvenir shop, a restaurant and a fast food restaurant. Transportation is available to return the visitor to the starting point.
Location: Iguassu National Park, Brazil
Approximate time: 1 and 1/2 hours
Travel distance: 28 km (17 miles), from the center of the city of Iguassu Falls
Open: Daily 9:00 a.m. to ( 5:00 p.m. winter) and to 6:00 p.m. in the summer

Devils Throat Iguassu Falls

Honeymoon in Iguassu Falls Brazil
Iguassu Falls is a unique and special place in which to spend a time that is so unique and special. It is a fantastically dazzling and exciting place. In this place the natural aphrodisiacs of wild fragrances and beautiful scenery are everywhere. The beauty of the falls is breathtaking and the hearts of lovers will drumming to their rhythm in this amazing place. This is the right place for your honeymoon.

Iguassu Falls Devils Throat

For Complete Falls information please see: www.iguassufallstour.com


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