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Beautiful Natal Brazil

Natal (pronounced [na'taw]) is the capital city of Rio Grande do Norte, a north eastern state in Brazil. Grande do Norte, is a major tourist destination in Brazil.

Brasil or Brazil is a big, peaceful, blessed by Nature country. Natal and other beaches, like Pipa, are growing more and popular among Brazilian and international tourists.

Natal is the safest capital city in Brazil, and one of the Brazilian cities nearest Europe and North America. The city is the capital city of Rio Grande do Norte, a north eastern state in Brazil. With its dozens of sandy, white beaches, such as Ponta Negra and its famous Morro do Careca, Tabatinga - the cliff of dolphins, Pirangi, Redinha, and Genipabu with its famous fixed sand dunes and imported camels, tourism is the most important industry of Natal, attracting Brazilians, Europeans (many from Germany, Portual and Italy), and Americans alike. Surfing is also popular in Natal attracting surfers from around the world.

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Surfing Natal Natal Beach

Festa Junina was introduced to Northeastern Brazil by the Portuguese for whom St John's day (also celebrated as Midsummer Day in several European countries), on the 24th of June, is one of the oldest and most popular celebrations of the year. Differently, of course, from what happens on the European Midsummer Day, the festivities in Brazil do not take place during the summer solstice but during the tropical winter solstice. The festivities traditionally begin after the 12th of June, on the eve of St Anthony's day, and last until the 29th, which is Saint Peter's day. During these fifteen days, there are bonfires, fireworks, and folk dancing in the streets. Once exclusively a rural festivity, today, in Brazil, it is largely a city festival during which people joyfully and theatrically mimic peasant stereotypes and clichés, all in good fun and high spirits. Typical refreshments and dishes are served. It should be noted that, as during Carnival, these festivities involve wearing costumes (in this case, peasant costumes), dancing, heavy drinking, and visual spectacles (fireworks display and folk dancing). Similar to what happens on Midsummer and St John's Day in Europe, bonfires are a central part of these festivities in Brazil. Carnival
The four-day period before Lent leading up to Ash Wednesday is carnival time in Brazil. Rich and poor alike forget their cares as they party in the streets.

Natal sand dunes Natal Brazil Praia Ponta Negra

For more information on Natal please visit the Brazil Tourism Office

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